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Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) is the leading independent European research and consulting firm for the software, IT services and digital transformation industry.

The Digital CX PAC vendor profile, offers a comprehensive overview of the worldwide positioning, performance and strategy of Wipro Digital.

Wipro Digital has continued its rapid growth since PAC’s May 2016 profile which described their ‘new ways of working’. While that remains core to their work with customers, Wipro Digital has evolved into one of the most visionary and strongest providers of digital services and enterprise transformation. It continues to make strategic investments, both organic and inorganic, to grow and bring together strategy, design and engineering capabilities unique in the market.

Its start-up mentality, within the larger Wipro environment, allows it to be experience-led while working at high velocity and on a global scale with its clients. Companies looking to not just ‘do digital’ but ‘be digital’ in how they respond to changing consumer behaviors and expectations should include Wipro Digital in their preferred set of vendors.

Klaus Holzhauser
Global Head Digital & IoT
CXP Group

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